Anonymous whispered: You watch Teen Wolf!!! I love you!!!

Be my anchor ♥

Anonymous whispered: Hello ate Jella, what course are you taking up? Just curious. :)

Hi, love! :) I’m an Art Studies major :)

The song that I enjoyed listening to everyday, I hum it to myself and walk alone in between this familiar building. I’m doing quite well.

Omg you love sterek as well. Same here. Same here.

I DO I REALLY REALLY DO. Sterek is the Teen Wolf version of what banghim is to me if you get what I mean

aw its ok good luck with uni jella ull be okay :)

Hey hi it’s been a while! Thanks, love ♥ That’s really sweet of you :’) I hope school’s been treating you well

we are the b.a.p !

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