Hyuna for CeCi

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B.A.P + funny glasses

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Love Violence is in the air.

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CL for ELLE Magazine (October 2014)

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 Hi everyone! This is my third follow forever c: I finally reached another goal of mine, which was 3k+. It has also a little over a year for this blog as well. This is a really big deal to me because I can’t believe it haha. I’m not one of the best blogs out there, yet I received that many followers. Thank you <3. Therefore, I wanted to make this follow forever to thank all my followers as well as the people that keep my dash active ^.^. I apologize if you are not on here because a lot of people have changed their urls and it’s hard to keep track of so many great blogs out there xD. I’m also sorry that I haven’t been on as much. I’ve been really busy since I’m finally a senior and I’m prepping for the future. I will try to be on even more! c:. Anyway, here are the blogs that I think you should all follow~ : 


aishidaeru, anjaels, babotan, bangtan, bapyesir, bbomb, bestandperfect, bulletproof-boyscouts, bwiyomi, b2ngyonggukz, chanlucinations, channiehim, charmingzelo, chyeahbabyz, comebaeksoon


daeateyourbias, daeking, daesbulge, daesdick, deahyun, deehyun, djaes, dyoritoseu, fluffybap 


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oxyjun, parkjmn, princessmavin, pupsbitch, rapmunsta


shaaarmaineestrongbabes, snqyeols, sweetyoongi, taeyhungs, take-me-to-korea, teyhyung, tomatoki, t1gster, vyonce, vseoks, vangtan


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Thank you all again c: You all have amazing blogs & I hope you continue running them x). Again, I’m sorry if I missed anyone! All of you have great blogs even if you aren’t listed here~ 

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  "you stop loving bap, right? :). or at least, you loving someone more."

No, and no.

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GOT7 “A” // dance practice

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how got7 gets around cones
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