D-DAY: 041913 ; #ADayForHim - All these little things… it’s you they add up to.


hello mates!

now that i’ve reached 300 followers and 11,000 posts, i decided to make this follow forever that i actually have wanted to do for like the past decade. i’m just saying that i’m not very fab at doing these and as you can see my editing skills are totally 6/5 so please do not pay too much attention on that thing above. 

this is actually quite an honor to have 313 awesome followers and i truly don’t even deserve all this because, well, i am who i am and my blog is… what it is. i knoooow, i should socialize with you guys so much more than i do now but being a loner-boner is more like a thing for me so yeah, apologies. anyhow! i just want to thank you all since i haven’t done that before so thankyouthankyouthankyou! 

i had a very hard time making the decision, who to give the speshur mention here because there are so many of you who i like and admire as bloggers so please don’t be upset if you’re not mentioned here, i’m sure i like you too!

for those who made it to my follow forever, i just want to say that you’re very awesome and your blogs are also very awesome and everything about you guys is quite awesome so stay awesome!


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 ★ ☆

thank you once more.

/sends hugs and lollipops to everyone/


So! To celebrate Himchan’s birthday and my one year anniversary with this blog I’ve decided to make a follow forever! I really like all the blogs that I follow but these are a few of lovelies that I can honestly say are my favorite blogs on this site! Thank you for making me laugh and overall being so quality.

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